Years ago… an Ode to Christmas

Years ago, on this day, very far away,

He was born, ‘The Prince of Love’, on a bed of hay

And He’s alive, I believe, to this very day,

In the sun and stars and birds and flowers

And songs that make you sing…

Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas to you!

So when you are feeling low,

Deep down you really know

He’ll make it right!

He’ll make it bright!

He’ll make you smile

And take you higher!

Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas to you!



My latest single, “Life is…” is influenced by Baul Music, the music of the mystic minstrels from the Eastern parts of India.

The deep and yet simple, thought provoking lyrics of this song, enveloped in a lilting melody, is my bid to belittle the ups and downs in life by giving it the face of a colourfull country fair.

I’ve used Rangoli, a colourful art form of India, at the beginning and at the end of the video. This art form is made, mostly using coloured powder.

While a Rangoli is considered auspicious and used during festivals, I’ve also used it to represent my belief – ‘DUST WE ARE AND TO DUST WE SHALL RETURN’

And of course, that an artist must surely be made from colourfull dust!

Shooting of this video was quite challenging while being fun. The location, the climb up a steep hill, the delays, the sun strokes, swimming in a chilled river, the scary ox cart ride, editing, shortage of funds and cost cuttings, etc. brought our little band of friends and well wishers even more closer.
I sure do hope all of you enjoy the presentation that you’ll find at the end of this blog.

This project was part funded by a crowd funding project via

Life is… has been recorded LIVE
(No programming used)

Life is…

Tanana naa naa nana

Life is like a fair in the country grounds

You can see giant wheels and merry-go-rounds

It’ll take you up
It’ll take you down
It’ll take you round and round
It’ll take you your heart into your head and make it spin around

Tanana naa naa nana

Have you seen the room of funny mirrors
How can you forget the room of funny mirrors

There’s a room full of funny mirrors
There is a room full of funny mirrors

Every mirror, laughing at your faults & errors
Deep inside you feel the terror,
You’ll believe the faulty mirror

Mirror! Mirror! Faulty Mirror!
Mirror! Mirror! Salty Mirror!

Nasty mirror!
Dusty mirror!
Feisty Mirror!

They’ll say you’re fat
They’ll say you’re short
They’ll say your mind’s unsound
You’re an Ogre!
You’re a monster!
You’re from underground!

Tanana naa naa nana