Years ago… an Ode to Christmas

Years ago, on this day, very far away,

He was born, ‘The Prince of Love’, on a bed of hay

And He’s alive, I believe, to this very day,

In the sun and stars and birds and flowers

And songs that make you sing…

Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas to you!

So when you are feeling low,

Deep down you really know

He’ll make it right!

He’ll make it bright!

He’ll make you smile

And take you higher!

Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas… Merry Christmas to you!


Piracy Kills Indie Artists

Piracy KILLS Indie Artists everyday!

Indie artists are not backed by huge Corporations or Music Labels. They create Music from scratch and then go on to produce the track. Some even produce Videos to support their promotion. 

Even a Kid can Rip a track from Youtube or anywhere on the net, but it takes a HEART to RESPECT, LOVE, & SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

Buying a track online may seem cumbersome to a few people, but its the RIGHT thing to do! It’s really not that much to ask for.

Go out there and Support your Indie artist. Buy music. or or 

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