Part II The video in question

Why is the very existence of “The secure family unit” in India ultimately dependent on the woman? (cos now everyone’s crying “foul” and even daring to ask the MEN to contribute.)
Who created this rule… That Men CAN and women SHOULDN’T?
From time immemorial there have been Professional sex workers (one of the oldest professions they say)… only for Men!
Women don’t have sexual needs?
We are wearing blinders!!
We have been programmed into some one’s experiment called “Family & Culture Will Save Humanity From Damnation”.

It’s success is only an illusion. They brain wash us with those advertisements that show what a happy family looks like.
Look where it has got us …it has not worked!!

If you think it has… Then why so many rapes(only 30% are reported)…. heinous… other than the Non-Consensual ones, there are those where a woman’s insides have been pulled out with bare hands, … where living fetuses have been destroyed …where a 3 feet long metal rod has been shoved into the vagina.

Who teaches them? How do they think these out?

Easiest answer … Films … books and cheap entertainment!

But You and I and our families watch the very same cheap entertainment… do we see ourselves want or desire or dream or fantasize doing those things they did?

The stats show that most rapes are committed by a relative!!
A Family Member!
These Rapists bank on the very rule of MODESTY that has been created.. a woman must cover herself appropriately at all times and it’s always her fault and she’s the one who enticed the Rapist.
Her body parts hold the proverbial “Khandan ki IZZAT” (Family Honor)
How many brothers and fathers have killed their sisters to protect this Izzat (honor)!
Women have to stand up and take their right full place.
Yes it will be highly uncomfortable for sometime… Yes! Many women will take undue advantage of this and innocent men will perish!
This fire cannot be stopped though.
It’s time for a change …and CHANGE will hurt … cos we’re not used to this. But we have to give it a try.

p.s. Why is premarital sex wrong? hell… why is sex a sin?

It’s one of God’s most beautiful creations and we as a society call it a taboo!
Why does one naturally feel this physical drawing towards more than one person in spite of being brought up in a good, united family?
In most cases India… the “first night” is nothing short of RAPE
You may not agree… but its true. look up the stats!


The video in question …her outburst …a stifled scream??

The video in question …her outburst …a stifled scream??

Millennia after millennia, experiencing oppression of the worst kind, (Yes… even more heinous than you can imagine) women have finally started to speak out.

Sometimes sounding implausible, one sided, hard, cruel or feminist (as we have conveniently named them), we can’t handle these voices.

We are not used hearing them at these decibels.

We are not used to hearing these words come out of the very gender that we were conditioned to believe as docile, nurturing, abiding, shy, a Mother, a Sister, a wife!

(Coming from an All Boys school, the 1st time I heard a girl swear, I stood gawking… stunned.)

However, at no point did the monologue ever say it’s every WOMAN’s choice; she said “it’s MY choice!”

This means, she believes in the freedom of choice.

This also means she would… and have to, respect – “Your Choice” too (if you so wish)… Be you a Man, a Woman or an Epicene (the third gender).

Naturally with Choice comes Responsibility! … and I’m sure I heard that unspoken acceptance in her tone, didn’t you?

Why the outburst on SEX before / after / during, etc.?

People screamed Adultery!! Promiscuouity!! Nympho!!

Aadmi kare to Rangeela hai… Aurat kare to Ra…?

a few reactions

  1. “…if she’s ok with adultery …she should be ok with Rape!”


Not many men (and surprisingly some women too) realize the difference between Rape and Sex! It’s not just a non-consensual act, it’s an evil act… with intent to physically and mentally subdue/hurt/bleed/kill the victim!!

Have you heard of a Man being raped?? That’s because he too would never Tell a soul and probably would never even acknowledge it himself.

…and if you know a man who’d been raped, would you ask him if he enjoyed it?

  1. Choose your role model wisely… between an entertainer/actor and a sportsperson or an army person.

So every entertainer is a whore/low life and all the others are saints??

The oppressed have been screaming “justice” and all we say is …that’s nature’s way, what can we do?

We can at least Shut Up and Listen… and in all the disorder, we may find our own salvation!