If it were left to me…

If it were left (or right) for me to decide,

1) I’d allow religion till class Five only. Then class Six onward, I would have a period of De-religionizing, growing in intensity with every next class.

2) I’d probably name the Traffic rules and regulations book as the Holiest Book and those offending it, be sentenced severely to 100 days of traffic duty in any city (as the judge decides) in the world.

3) There would be 2 separate history books one by the Ruler and one by the others. Grades will be decided on ability to create a third version.

4)Geography would have to make do with maps with no borders. Just land masses, mountains, forests, oceans, etc.

5) Science, Math literature, languages, sports, art and Music will be allowed to flourish as per aptitude and choice. ….more to follow once I come into power!


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