Last Night I had a Dream

Last night I had a Dream.
I was at a party and we were singing along with this guy singing “Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji”. But he forgot the words to the verse and looked around for help. Suddenly, to my surprise, I found myself continuing the song all alone; I somehow knew the words. There was a warm buzz as the guests watched me perform and heartily applauded as I ended with the refrain.

The best part, however… the one applauding the most, was none other than Naseeruddin Shah (the star who originally performed this song in a Bollywood flick).


I havent yet woken up!


Piracy Kills Indie Artists

Piracy KILLS Indie Artists everyday!

Indie artists are not backed by huge Corporations or Music Labels. They create Music from scratch and then go on to produce the track. Some even produce Videos to support their promotion. 

Even a Kid can Rip a track from Youtube or anywhere on the net, but it takes a HEART to RESPECT, LOVE, & SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

Buying a track online may seem cumbersome to a few people, but its the RIGHT thing to do! It’s really not that much to ask for.

Go out there and Support your Indie artist. Buy music. or or 

Watch the message live –




Bakara! the official April Fools Day Anthem


(The Scape-goat)

It’s refrain has a childlike innocence and mischief.

Bakara sings of the basic human nature to ‘trick’/fool another. It also goes on to confirm the belief, “What goes around… comes around!”

It’s a funfilled Hindi -Bollywood-ish track that’ll get you grooving.

It’s been one of the most popular tracks at all my performances.

The video was released almost 2years ago and NOW, it’s about time to let it run wild… once again!

Here’s a little gist of the song


(The Scape-goat)

Everyone, at some time or other, has tricked or fooled another.

Even the trickster has surely been fooled by some other.

They say, it’s the law of nature, so how can we escape it?

It’s in our blood!

Get out of the way mister!

Make room!

Here he comes with a swagger…. the next fool!

Watch the Happy Fool’s Day video here